Maintaining safe, healthy residences is one of your biggest responsibilities as a landlord. A mold infestation in a rented home is subsequently a serious health issue. Without immediate action, it can result in severe allergic reactions, lung infections, and other problems depending on the strain. To help you stay ahead of costly mold issues, review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors recommend.

Keep Up With Roof and Gutter Maintenance

Annual roof inspections help avoid mold problems. Contractors identify issues such as missing and broken shingles, rusted flashing, and anything else that can result in water damage, wood rot, and mold growth. If something needs fixing, schedule the appropriate repairs quickly to sidestep serious issues. 

It is also important to clean the gutters surrounding the roof at least twice a year. If the residence is surrounded by trees, three or four cleanings per year might be necessary. Clogged gutters prevent rainwater from flowing away from the home efficiently, causing it to spill over the sides and pool around the foundation. Water can also back up under roof shingles. Both of these issues contribute to mold growth. 

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

Before a new tenant moves in, check the ventilation systems in the rental for optimal operation. Poor ventilation is a main cause of mold growth because humid air cannot exit the residence efficiently. Check the ventilation in the bathroom, kitchen, and any other applicable area. All vents should exhaust hot, damp air outdoors, not to another part of the residence. Schedule vent repairs and replacements as necessary to keep the humidity level low. 

Educate Your Tenants About Mold

There is plenty your tenants can do to inhibit mold growth, such as always using the ventilation systems, hanging up wet laundry and bathroom towels immediately, and maintaining a clean residence. It is also a good idea for them to use air conditioning, fans, and dehumidifiers to keep moisture levels from rising. If a small mold issue should occur, the tenants can use household products such as white vinegar, Borax, and bleach. All of these products kill mold on contact. 

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