A mold infestation in an office can halt production, as team members can experience reactions such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, throat irritation, sinus congestion, and headaches. Rather than temporarily relocating and dealing with other production issues because of mold, take steps to prevent the fungus from spreading. If an infestation does become an issue, contact your local mold removal service in Los Angeles

Ensure the Office is Well-Ventilated

High humidity, or a humidity level of 60 or above, allows mold to flourish. To maintain a reasonable humidity level, have the current ventilation system checked and upgrade it as necessary. The more damp air exits the building, the fewer mold problems you will have. It also helps to use dehumidifiers throughout the office, particularly if it is located in a perpetually-humid region. Since dehumidifiers come in different sizes, check how much square footage each model covers before buying. 

Throw Out Expired Food Immediately 

Semi-rotting and rotting food allows certain mold strains to grow and turn the office break room or kitchen into an unhealthy environment. Keep up with food expiration dates and encourage employees to do the same. Any rotting food creates foul odors, in addition to mold problems. It also helps to routinely wipe down the kitchen or break room with a white vinegar and water solution, as it removes food crumbs and residue that mold can latch onto. White vinegar is one of the few products that kills mold on contact. 

Maximize Natural Light

Sunlight is another mold killer, so if your office does not receive a lot of light, see if there are any solutions available. Trimming overhanging tree branches allows more sunlight into the workplace, while also preventing roofing system damage such as shingle scratches and punctures. The roof will be less susceptible to mold growth as well, because it will receive more sunlight. Your employees will likely love the natural light element, because it creates a more airy environment to work in. 

If your office needs mold removal services at any time, contact Mold Masters. These Orange County mold inspectors provide thorough testing and removal services, as well as flood damage cleanup assistance and air quality testing.

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