A storage unit is an invaluable asset when you have belongings you want to keep but do not currently have need or room for. Unfortunately, these dark storage spaces can create ideal conditions for mold that can cause permanent item damage. To help keep your storage unit fungus-free, review tips from your Los Angeles mold removal experts

Ensure Everything Going Into the Unit is Dry

Every item you plan to store must be completely dry before it goes into the unit. Anything that is wet or damp invites mold growth, since the fungus thrives in dark, damp environments. Clean and dry your belongings thoroughly to make certain they are free of any mold spores and will not encourage new ones to attach and spread. Depending on what you are storing, leaving items in the sun contributes to efficient drying. Sunlight is also a natural mold killer. 

Use Silica Gel Packs

Silica gel packs are types of desiccators that absorb residual moisture in containers and boxes. Add these packs to your storage containers to help them remain dry and mold-free. Since these packets expire, check and replace them periodically as needed, especially if you plan to use the storage unit for six months or longer. 

Don’t Place Items Directly Against the Wall

Sufficient airflow contributes to a mold-free storage unit, since stagnant air prevents water droplets from drying up. To promote healthy airflow in your storage unit, do not place boxes, bins, or furniture directly against the wall. It also helps to use pallets if the unit floor is concrete, since the porous material can absorb moisture from the ground, causing boxes to become wet and moldy. Additionally, pallets protect your belongings in the event of a flood. 

Consider Climate Control 

Climate-controlled storage units maintain the same temperature year round, which is usually between 72 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. These units also offer humidity control. If possible, rent a unit with climate control, particularly if you live in a humid region and plan on storing your belongings for the long term. And since climate-controlled units are usually indoors, you’ll enjoy extra protection from pests and floodwater. 
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