Mold never takes a season off. The detrimental fungi can crop up at any time of year when conditions are right, including in the fall. To help you maintain a mold-free residence during autumn, review what your water damage experts in Orange County recommend. 

Keep Up With Fallen Leaves

Piles of fallen leaves can become havens for mold, especially when they get wet. They provide dark, damp environments for mold to flourish, as well as plenty of “food” since mold feeds on decaying organic matter. Dispose of fallen leaves in trash bags to keep mold from growing and check your gutters often. Leaves are among the most common organic debris in gutters, contributing to roof water damage and mold if they are not removed efficiently. For example, gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can cause rainwater to back up under roof shingles, resulting in wet rot and mold growth. Excessive organic debris in gutters can also cause rainwater to spill over their sides and pool around the foundation, which risks basement water damage and related mold issues. 

Maintain the Humidity Level 

Fluctuating temperatures during fall can cause mold to form, especially if it is excessively humid for a few days or longer. For mold to grow, the humidity level needs to be 60% or higher. Use fans and dehumidifiers to maintain a humidity level between 30% and 50%. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable interior in addition to preventing mold issues. Should you reside in a humid region, check your dehumidifiers daily. Too much water in a dehumidifier shuts the appliance off. 

Keep Firewood Dry

If you love crackling fires during fall and winter regardless of the exterior temperature, ensure the wood is dry before bringing it in the house. Damp or wet wood provides a feast for mold. Keep the firewood covered and on a pallet away from your home to avoid mold problems and other issues, such as termite infestations. Any wood pile that is too close to a house invites termites. 

It does not take much to maintain a mold-free residence! For mold inspection services in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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