While effective flood cleanup is available from Mold Masters, it is better to prevent an issue than react to it. From broken pipes to excessive rainfall, many different events can result in catastrophe. Take precautionary action to keep water damage at bay.

Ensure Water Flows Away From the House

Ideally, houses are built in a way where water flows away from the building instead of toward it. The grading of the yard should slope away from the house so that water drains away. The gutters should be adequately maintained, so they sufficiently direct water away from the home’s foundation.

Maintain Water Valves

A common source of interior flooding is a backed-up sewer system. Septic tanks should be cleaned and pumped once every three to five years. During these cleanings, a professional should check the surrounding area to make sure no tree roots pose a threat to the tank.

Clean Pipes Regularly

It is good to address blockages in pipes as soon as they develop. The reason is that if too much pressure builds up in a pipe, then it can soon burst. Professional cleanings are much more effective than simply using Drano.

Keep Valuables Out of the Basement

If you are truly worried about the well-being of your possessions and live in an area prone to flooding, then you can at least prevent your valuables from getting damaged. Furniture and other items can be restored if exposed to water, but family heirlooms, such as photographs, may be much more difficult to remedy. You may want to consider keeping items like those elsewhere in the house.

When you require water damage restoration in the Southern California area, then you need to get in touch with Mold Masters. Send in an online contact form telling us a little bit about the problem you are facing, and we will get in touch quickly.

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