Too often, basements provide ideal environments for mold. They’re dark most of the time, and given their subterranean placement, they become subject to moisture from soil and rainwater. If that familiar musty odor has taken over your basement or you discovered the beginnings of an infestation, combine services from your Orange County mold removal service with DIY tactics to keep mold out of your basement for good.

Schedule Mold Testing & Remediation

Have your basement inspected for mold to determine the type of fungi you’re dealing with and the severity of the infestation. Your Orange County mold inspector will devise a customized plan to rid the subterranean space of the spores so you and your family members can breathe easier when you’re doing laundry or anything else in your basement.

Ensure the Dryer Vents Outside

Once your mold inspection and removal team has done their job, keep the fungi from returning by making certain the dryer vents away from your home. Allowing the damp air to permeate your basement sets the groundwork for mold development. Also check your washing machine for leaks since the appliance can also contribute to mold growth.

Consider Waterproofing Services

Depending on your location, your home may be susceptible to flooding. Enlist basement waterproofing services to seal the room off from moisture, something that protects the foundation from cracks in addition to keeping mold out. You’ll enjoy a healthier, more structurally stable home with basement waterproofing.

Check the Sump Pump

The sump pump in the corner of your basement turns on automatically in reaction to flooding, whether it’s from your washing machine, a burst pipe, or natural disaster. Check the pump’s functionality by pouring some water into the surrounding pit–if the device turns on, it is working and will send the water through a connecting drain and out of your home. Perform this check periodically, and put the sump pump on backup generator power if you haven’t already so it works in case of a storm and resulting blackout.

Add a Dehumidifier

If you’re still dealing with a damp basement, use a dehumidifier to extract moisture from the air. Size the unit for your basement for best results, and use the resulting water the appliance collects on your plants or lawn.

For more about mold inspection in Orange County, please visit Mold Masters today.

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