Most homeowners assume the air inside their houses is fine. However, contaminants can get in the air from a number of sources, necessitating indoor air quality testing. Poor air quality can seriously hurt your overall health, and there are times when it is prudent to bring in a professional.

It Has Been Over Two Years

It is recommended to have the indoor air quality in you home tested at least once every two years. Prolonged exposure to allergens such as mold can lead to hypersensitivity and other health related issues down the road if it is not addressed immediately. This inspection is also a good time for the expert to check for other RED FLAGS, such as hidden leaks and moisture intrusions that can lead to mold.

Your Allergies Are Acting Up More Than Usual

You may be allergic to dust, pollen or other irritants. You may feel more stuffed up during certain seasons, but you need to be mindful if your allergies seem more severe than usual for no apparent reason. If your allergies are accompanied by bloody noses, constant headaches or watery eyes, then you need an indoor air quality test right away.

You Recently Made Big Home Improvements

Replacing a floor or moving in large pieces of furniture can result in a drop in indoor air quality. Contaminants from the renovation can make their way into the HVAC system, and circulate throughout the building. Once the remodeling is complete, you should conduct an indoor air test to ensure everything is still clean.

You Notice Air Distribution Inconsistencies

Pay attention if some rooms feel warmer or colder than others. There may also be issues with humidity levels. This likely indicates there is a circulation problem that needs to be rectified.

It never hurts to contact an expert from Mold Masters just for the peace of mind. Call us at 800-371-4199 to start going over your options and to breathe a little easier inside your own home.

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