Your business’s basement can sustain water damage for any number of reasons, including a burst pipe, leaking appliance, and natural disaster. If your commercial basement has water damage, taking immediate action is necessary to avoid mold growth and other issues. Review what your mold removal team in Orange County suggests to take care of basement water damage right away. 

Turn Off the Power Before Salvaging

If there is an electrocution risk in your commercial basement following water damage, shut the power down before salvaging what inventory, equipment, tools, and other items you can. Water is an electrical conduit and any hanging wires that make contact with the liquid makes it dangerous. Once you are sure it is safe, start inspecting the damage and removing items. Many things are usable once they dry out. Anything that is beyond saving should be discarded. 

Do What You Can to Remove the Water

Old blankets and other linens, fans, and dehumidifiers contribute to fast water absorption and drying. Use these items and appliances to dry out your basement–if the water damage is so significant you cannot use towels and appliances, schedule water damage restoration services. Professional water damage experts have the equipment and experience to rid your commercial basement of water efficiently and thoroughly. 

Even if the water damage is not severe, it is a good idea to have professionals inspect the damage and take any necessary steps. For example, they can test the air for mold and know about “hidden” places to look for water, such as obscure corners. 

Fix the Source of the Water Damage

If the water damage source is internal, such as a burst pipe or faulty appliance, schedule the appropriate repairs or replacements. If the water damage source is external, such as a recent store, you’ll need to check the entry sources and schedule repairs as needed. For example, if water entered your commercial basement through old windows, you’ll want to replace them as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. This also prevents issues such as vermin infiltrations. 

Schedule mold testing with the Los Angeles mold inspectors at Mold Masters today.

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