Excessive humidity is more than uncomfortable–it’s also a catalyst for mold. Most strains of the detrimental fungi thrive in damp conditions, and readily reproduce when the humidity level is above 60%. Use these tips from your Orange County mold inspectors to control the humidity in your home and subsequently enjoy a more comfortable, healthy residence. 

Ensure There’s Proper Ventilation

Make certain all vents in high-humidity areas of your house send warm, damp air outside, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room or basement. Improper ventilation allows moisture-rich air to remain in your home and subsequently increase its susceptibility to mold growth. It also helps to leave vent fans on for about 10 minutes after showering, cooking, or doing laundry to encourage quick drying. 

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Keep the ceiling fans in your home on, especially when it’s extremely humid outside, or have some installed. The fans provide an inexpensive and effective way to maintain indoor humidity and home comfort since they provide air circulation, ventilation, and evaporation services. Mold does best in stagnant conditions, and has a challenging time reproducing when air is constantly moving. 

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

Stick to lukewarm showers that last no longer than 10 minutes as often as possible. As wonderful as hot water feels, it creates steam that encourages mold growth. Hot water also dries out skin and hair. By bathing in colder water for shorter amounts of time, you’ll help prevent mold growth, save water and energy, and enjoy healthier skin. 

Replace Carpeting

Don’t let old carpeting that’s sustained water damage go unchecked. Carpets retain moisture and frequently allow mold to grow within their fibers and the padding layer. Moisture-heavy carpets also promote dust mite activity that, along with mold spores, cause allergic reactions among household members. If you suspect the fungi in your carpet due to musty odors and allergic reactions, get it replaced and schedule mold removal services with your Orange County experts immediately. 

If you need mold testing in your Orange County home, don’t hesitate to contact Mold Masters today. 

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