Of all the different types of flooring, carpet is one of the most vulnerable to mold growth. The fungi easily flourishes in carpet fibers, backing, and padding if it is exposed to water or other fluids for periods of time. To help you maintain fungus-free carpets, review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors recommend. 

Maintain a Relatively Low Interior Temperature

A temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or above contributes to mold growth in carpets and other places around your home. Avoid raising the thermostat excessively to prevent mold growth during fall and winter, and use an air conditioner during summer to cool the air and lower the humidity level. It also helps to use dehumidifiers around your home, especially if you reside in a humid region. 

Check the Grading Around Your Home

If the soil around your home slopes towards the residence, it invites rainwater to pool and infiltrate the space. That water can eventually reach basement carpets, among other areas, and contribute to mold growth. Soil should always slope away from your home, so check the grading and hire professionals to make changes as necessary. It also helps to plant shallow-rooted, water-loving vegetation around your home to keep water contact to a minimum. 

You’ll additionally want to inspect your downspouts, as they should send rainwater away from your home instead of causing it to pool. Depending on the downspouts’ design, you might need to purchase extenders that lengthen these gutter “appendages” and allow water to flow away. 

Clean Carpeting Regularly

Dirty carpets provide welcome environments for mold, especially those stained by dirt and other organic debris, such as bits of leaves and bark. Routine carpet cleaning not only keeps the soft flooring smelling good, it also helps prevent mold growth. Vacuum at least once a week in light of household traffic and consider scheduling deep carpet cleaning services once or twice a year. Clean up spills as soon as you see them by soaking up the liquid with paper towels or old rags. Any water or other liquid that has time to seep into carpeting risks mold growth. 

For mold inspection services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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