Your home’s gutter system is one of the keys to maintain a dry, mold-free residence. Gutters ferry rainwater streaming from the roof into the connecting downspout and away from your home, which prevents a wide variety of issues, including those regarding mold. Learn what your Orange County mold inspectors want you to know about mold and your gutter system to prevent serious infestations and related damage. 

Why Clogged Gutters Cause Roofing System Mold

Unless they feature gutter guards that prevent serious organic debris accumulations, gutters become subject to leaves, twigs, and animal nests. They can also contain other debris such as mold and algae, as well as granules from roof shingles. 

If gutters do not get cleaned at least twice a year, they can become severely clogged and cause rainwater to back up under roof shingles. Not only does backed-up rainwater damage the shingles, it contributes to leaks that allow mold to flourish within your roofing system. Wooden structural components start to rot from water and mold exposure, causing sagging issues that compromise the home’s stability. Leaking rainwater can also drain into the home and cause mold growth within walls and ceilings that cause further structural issues and allergic reactions among household members. 

Why Gutters Contribute to Basement Mold

Clogged gutters can also contribute to basement mold. If they become overloaded with debris, rainwater can spill over the sides and pool around the foundation of your home. Pooling water causes foundation damage by infiltrating and widening cracks, which allows it to enter the basement. The subterranean space’s windows also provide an entryway for rainwater. Both issues contribute to mold growth since basements are naturally dark and damp. Rainwater damages the walls, floors, and any basement items such as furniture and storage boxes. 

It takes mold about 48 hours to thrive in the right conditions, which can turn your basement into a biohazard without Orange County mold removal services. 

Some Gutter Maintenance Tips

Clean your gutters or schedule professional cleanings in the spring and fall, or more often if you live in an area surrounded by trees. Routine cleanings keep rainwater flowing away from your home. Consider installing gutter guards, and check the gutters regularly for signs of rust. Corrosion eats holes through metal that can cause leaks and pooling water problems. 
Call your Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters today if you believe there’s an infestation issue. 

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