One of the most common areas for mold to appear in a home is the attic. If you think the detrimental fungi is growing in your attic, learn what your Orange County mold inspectors want you to know. Understanding the causes of attic mold is just as important as recognizing the signs. 

Common Causes of Attic Mold

Mold appears in attics for leak and ventilation-related reasons. If your roof sustains a leak, materials such as attic rafters and insulation become saturated with water and vulnerable to mold growth, especially if there isn’t proper ventilation. A dark, damp attic provides the ideal environment for the fungi to flourish. 

Roofs typically feature vents that allow moisture to escape, which keeps the roofing system and attic dry. If the vents become clogged with debris, damaged by assorted storms, or were not correctly installed, moisture gets contained in the attic and allows mold to form. Kitchen and bathroom vents that deliver damp air into the attic instead of venting outside compound the problem. 

Unsealed ceilings featuring gaps or other openings also contribute to attic mold because warm, damp air from bathrooms and the kitchen flow up through the home. An attic without floor insulation is extra vulnerable to mold growth because there’s no moisture barrier in place. 

Signs of Attic Mold

Your mold removal service in Los Angeles recommends visiting your attic to look for signs of mold activity. Most homeowners immediately notice a musty odor when they enter the space, as well as wet insulation and black stains on wooden surfaces. The attic might feel unusually humid or hot, and feature water dripping from roof rafters if there’s a leak. Frost can also accumulate on the underside of the roof due to improper ventilation. 

You might additionally notice signs of attic ventilation problems throughout your home, such as light fixture, smoke detector, and bath fan leaks. 

Mold removal services eliminate existing fungi in your attic; however, you must fix any roof leaks and have quality roof vents installed to avoid further problems. Also replace any compromised insulation and ensure household vents send moisture outside instead of into the attic. 
If you live in Orange County and need mold testing services, contact Mold Masters today to make an appointment.

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