Mold is present in high-moisture areas, and if it is not taken care of in a timely manner, it can lead to widespread growth. This results in damage to flooring, drywall, ceilings and other items in the house. It can also cause health issues such as headaches and respiratory issues.

The good news is that most homeowner’s insurance policies cover mold, so as long as you take the proper steps to eliminate mold and prevent it from returning, you should be ok. However, every policy is different, so it is important to look yours over and double check your coverage. If you suspect mold in your house, it is a good idea to hire an orange county mold inspector to take a look.

Causes of Mold

It is important to understand what causes mold to keep the problem from becoming serious. Too much moisture is one of the most common causes, and this can be due to a variety of things. Some mold-causing conditions include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaky roof
  • Poorly ventilated rooms, especially the bathroom and laundry room
  • Leaky tubs, sinks, dishwashers and washing machines
  • Piles of wet clothes
  • High humidity in the house
  • Problems with the HVAC system
  • Water damage
  • Damp basements

Fixing these issues as quickly as possible is one of the best ways to stop mold from spreading. While some things can be done by the homeowners themselves, using a mold removal service orange county is often a better way because professionals know exactly how to completely eliminate the mold.

How to Prevent Mold

Prevention is always the best method so issues do not crop up in the first place. Some of the things you can do is:

  • Use exhaust fans and dehumidifiers to lower humidity
  • Use bleach and other mold-killing ingredients when you clean
  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Do not lay carpet in bathrooms, basements and other wet areas
  • Inspect hoses on toilets, sinks and other appliances that use water
  • After flooding, remove and dry all affected items within 48 hours

Do not let mold growth lead to major issues. Learn to identify the causes and signs of mold, practice prevention measures and hire a mold inspector if you suspect buildup.

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