A residential flood cleanup Los Angeles is no easy feat, and depending on the source and depth, you will probably need professional assistance. However, if you are interested in tackling the job yourself, then there are a few things you should understand about water removal, mold prevention and disinfection.

1. Remove Excess Water

Any flood cleanup orange county will require the removal of excess water. Although, if the water buildup was caused by exterior flooding, then you will need to wait until that water level recedes. If, however, you are dealing with an internal issue, and your floor drain is not reducing the water level fast enough, then you can rent pumps to speed the process along.

2. Remove Debris and Contamination

Once the water is gone, you should begin the removal of debris and contaminated items. While things lying on the floor are obvious to throw away, you will also need to remove any drywall and insulation, at least one foot above the waterline, to prevent mold growth.

3. Disinfect with a Bleach Solution

Last, with the basement free of all excess water, muck and debris, you can begin the process of disinfecting the space. Mix up a bleach solution, one gallon of water per 3/4 cups of bleach, and mop the walls and concrete floor, soaking each. Let the solution sit for a minimum of five minutes to reduce the risk of mold and bacteria. Then rinse and dry the space. Be sure to open any windows or run fans to improve ventilation and airflow.

A basement, unfortunately, is conducive to frequent flooding. Therefore, it is crucial to be vigilant about inspections and maintenance. If you have experienced a basement flood and need help cleaning it up, then contact a disaster restoration company for assistance. They will help restore your space and offer advice on future flood prevention.

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