While mold does not contribute to COVID-19 and vice versa, the virus still makes mold testing and removal services more essential than ever. Learn why scheduling testing services with your Orange County mold inspectors is something to take care of now in light not only of the coronavirus, but the upcoming flu season. 

Mold Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Many mold species cause allergic reactions that affect the respiratory system, including black mold that causes coughing and wheezing reactions. Mold can also bring on asthma symptoms in those who previously had none. 

Exposure to large quantities of mold exacerbates respiratory symptoms to increase the risk of fever and shortness of breath. Those with existing allergies and asthma react to mold even more intensely. Since coronavirus causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, difficulty breathing, and congestion/runny nose, long-term mold exposure compounds COVID-19 symptoms to lengthen recovery times.  

Mold Can Compromise Immunity

Children, elderly individuals, and those with autoimmune diseases have a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and experiencing severe symptoms such as persistent chest pain, breathing difficulties, bluish lips and face, and the inability to be wakened. Since long-term mold exposure has shown to decrease immunity, Orange County mold inspection services ensure young, old, and immunity-compromised loved ones have the best chance of resisting coronavirus symptoms. 

Mold Increases the Risk of Lung Infections 

Not only do most mold strains cause respiratory system problems such as coughing and wheezing, they can also increase the risk of lung infections. For example, infections due to aspergillosis mold exposure can cause allergy-like symptoms and eventually spread to the heart, brain, and kidneys. It can even be fatal. Mold inspection and removal services eradicate your home’s lung infection risk to help yourself and family members breathe easier. Respiratory-related COVID-19 symptoms are also easier to manage in the event of infection. 

The air quality in your home matters. By scheduling mold inspection services with your Glendale experts, you’re taking extra, important steps to protect your family from coronavirus. Contact Mold Masters today to make an appointment. 

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