If your home or business is flooded, you’ll need to clean it properly to prevent mold, viruses and bacteria from growing. Everything that came into contact with the floodwaters will need to be dried and cleaned. You may want to hire professional flood cleanup in Los Angeles to help you stay safe and to make sure everything is done right.

Safety First

Before you can cleanup, you need to make sure it’s safe to enter the area where the flood occurred. If there is standing water, turn off the electricity at the breaker box or get the electric company to turn off power to your home. Cover your body to protect yourself from germs in the water. Wear long pants, boots, long sleeves and rubber gloves. Take pictures of the damaged property for insurance purposes.

Dry Flooded Areas Thoroughly

Flooded areas that stay wet for over 48 hours can grow mold. Once it is safe to use electrical appliances, use fans to help dry carpets and other belongings. Blow fans out of windows to keep from blowing dust and mold around in your home. Turn on exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to help keep air moving. Open the windows.

Avoid using a dry vacuum. Use a wet/dry vac to pick up water, dust and dirt. Wear goggles and a mask while cleaning. Use a disinfectant to kill germs but be careful about mixing cleaners and bleach in the same bucket. Cleanup can be a huge job, though. Professional water damage restoration in Orange County can save you a lot of stress.

You’ll want to wash your curtains, bedding and clothing with hot water, and bleach if possible. Rugs and furniture should be flushed with clean water before shampooing. Any wet materials that cannot be cleaned will need to be thrown away.

Get Help

Check with your homeowner’s insurance about professional water remediation after a flood. Contact a professional company for more information about cleaning up after a flood.

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