If your home has been damaged by water, it can be an incredibly stressful event. As you contact your local restoration company for water damage restoration Orange County, here are some potential causes of your major or minor water damage that can cause health problems and damage your home.

Natural Disasters

Probably the most obvious and dangerous cause of water damage is a natural disaster. Floods and hurricanes can cause major amounts of water to enter your home. High winds and other factors can damage your roof, leaving your home exposed to even more water damage.

Damaged Plumbing

A more common issue for many homeowners is damaged plumbing. Whether through old age, improper installation or accidental damage, a cracked water line or damaged appliance can allow water to enter your floors, wall cavities and the rest of your home. From a minor leak to a major water flow, damaged water lines can harbor mold growth, damage supporting structures and create electrocution hazards throughout your home.

Clogged Fixtures

Finally, another major source of water damage in homes is clogged fixtures. When your kitchen sink, bathtub or toilet is clogged and left unattended, water can begin to pool on your floor. This gray water and black water buildup in your home is a health concern that needs to be dealt with immediately with professional care.

Don’t let water damage ruin your home or cause you undue stress. If you have water damage in your home from any cause, you need reliable flood cleanup Orange County. Contact a local and reliable remediation company to quickly restore your home and work with your insurance company to enjoy a full restoration process at little or no cost to you. Whether you see these signs of damage or still can’t find the source of your water leak, let a trained team protect your home and restore it today.

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