Many homeowners feel that their property is safe from mold growth in the winter months. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. While the colder months of the year do show that fungal development is reduced, it is only marginally so. The fact is mold spores can enter your home any time of year, and the temperature inside your home, even in colder months, is more than sufficient to allow for infestation and development. Therefore, while it might not be time for a mold inspection Orange County yet, you should be aware of the common winter issues that can lead to mold growth.

Ice Dams and Snow Melt

A home’s gutter system is ideal for the removal of excess water during rainstorms. However, that system is not as effective when it comes to the slow seepage of melting snow and ice dams, which can lead to water infiltrating your roofline and attic space, causing necessary mold removal Glendale.


Due to the combatting climates inside and outside, condensation becomes a problem in the colder months, especially around pipes, mirrors and windows. This condensation can lead to a build-up of moisture conducive to mold growth and development.

Poor Insulation

A favorite space for mold to develop is within wall cavities. Therefore, poor insulation and the installation of plumbing can lead to a collection of condensation in the wall, leading to mold growth.


Last, the goal of any homeowner during the winter is to avoid a cold, dry house, which often means the use of heaters and humidifiers. However, while these tools are often necessary, focus on controlling the humidity level in your home. Too much, over 50%, can lead to condensation and mold growth.

The winter is not a signal to relax on your mold watch duties. While a common misconception, mold does grow in the colder months. If you believe you have a mold problem in your home, call a licensed and certified mold removal company to assess your property.

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