A wide variety of factors contribute to poor indoor air quality, including carpets. According to the EPA, scientists are still uncertain which chemicals in carpets affect indoor air quality and cause health issues such as throat and lung irritation. To help you maintain the air quality in your home, review the following carpet guide from your mold and air quality inspection team in Orange County

Before New Carpet Installation

If you want new carpets installed in your residence, consider speaking with your local carpet retailer. It is a good idea to purchase carpets with low-emitting adhesives, so ask to look at options marked as such. Any other information the retailer can provide about the carpet’s emissions is welcome. You can also ask the retailer to roll out the carpet in a well-ventilated space prior to installation. This allows a significant amount of the chemicals to off-gas before the carpet enters your residence. 

During New Carpet Installation 

To avoid inhaling harmful chemicals, think about leaving your home during the installation or at least immediately after. It is also a good idea to schedule the installation when most of your family members are at work and school. The carpet has more time to off-gas before everyone gets home. If you do leave the premises, open windows in your home to let harmful emissions escape. Scheduling carpet installation during good weather is subsequently recommended. 

If you do leave, ask the installer about the Carpet and Rug Institute’s installation guidelines. It is never a good idea to work with a carpet retailer/installer that does not follow these regulations. 

After New Carpet Installation

In addition to keeping windows and doors open, use mechanical ventilation means to keep the air circulating in your home. Room air conditioners and box fans in windows are two of your best options. Place the fans facing outward so they suck harmful air out of your home. Ventilate your home for 48 to 72 hours after the installation for cleaner, healthier air. 

You also want to follow your carpet manufacturer’s maintenance guide, such as what products to use to clean the carpet. If carpet odors do not dissipate despite your efforts, contact your retailer. The carpet might be faulty and require replacing. 

For air quality testing in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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