You may think that water damage to your home can only be caused by disasters such as floods, burst pipes, hot water heaters, or other catastrophic event, but did you know that rain can also lead to water damage? Any time an excess of water bears down on your roof and pools around your foundation, you could be looking at significant repairs requiring water damage restoration Santa Monica, especially if you don’t address it right away. Here are just a few ways that rain can harm your home.

Up on the Roof

Water damage may occur from the top on down, either from a torrential downpour or just a steady, constant rain. Excess rain fall can overflow gutters, which in turn can cause leaks around your roof or along your walls. You might not even know about the leaks until you see discoloration in the paint or the growth of mold or mildew.

Below The Surface

Another big cause of water damage restoration Orange County is flooding, in part to drainage overflow. Any time water gets under the foundation of your home, it may cause cracks or other harm, which in turn can weaken it and allow water damage to affect the structure.

Here Comes the Flood

When rain is steady and the ground can’t absorb it all, you may be looking flood conditions. Flooding can occur to homes that aren’t even in a flood zone, especially if a yard drain is blocked. Your basement, garage, or first floor of your home can see that overflow damage along the floors and baseboards, leading to warped hardwoods and ruined carpeting.

If you want to minimize costly repairs caused by rain, you should work quickly with a company that specializes in water damage restoration. Have your home inspected to see if you have mold. The longer you wait, the more expensive and time-consuming your problem can become.

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