Mold is an incredibly resilient fungus that can grow in both warm and cold temperatures, attaches to everything from your skin to your walls, and easily travels through the air and into your home. Mold testing in Orange County can help you determine if it’s made its way into your home, and these ideas will help you keep your space free of mold growth.

Reduce Moisture and Humidity in Your Home

Moisture in the air and on surfaces is one of the main reasons that mold spores in the air decide to attach themselves and stick around. Reducing the levels of moisture in your home also reduces the amount of mold that wants to take up residence. Start by seeking out problem areas that lead to more moisture, such as leaking pipes or toilets, windows that allow condensation to build up or leaking ceilings. Repairing these issues helps to keep mold from latching onto the areas. Additionally, purchasing a dehumidifier that keeps the humidity level at 50 percent or less will prevent mold from growing.

Pay Attention to Changes in Your Home’s Appearance or Odor

Keeping excess moisture out of your home is only part of the battle. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to prevent mold growth; however, understanding warning signs of a mold problem could help you to find issues when they first start and prevent a huge mold remediation bill in the future. If the paint on your walls or ceilings begins to look discolored, it’s a good indication that moisture is the culprit and could lead to mold growth. In addition to yellow discoloration, bubbling, peeling or cracked paint may also indicate a problem. When mold begins to grow, the room’s odor may change, too. A musty smell, especially in a basement or bathroom, is a symptom of black mold and should be investigated immediately.

Mold can have serious impacts on your living space. If you discover a mold problem in your home, contact a professional for mold removal in Long Beach.

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