How is your air quality? If you’re concerned with the quality of air in your home or neighborhood, you may have already heard that air quality is typically worse in the summer. Here are some reasons why your summertime air may be more polluted and what you can do to protect your home and help maintain fresh, clean interior air this summer by using air quality testing Orange County.

Problems With Summertime Air

Summer is supposed to be a time of fresh, pure air. However, there are two major reasons that the air quality in the summer, particularly on the West Coast, is actually worse. First, there’s a greater amount of particulate pollution. This type of pollution comes from additional microscopic particles in the air that are inhalable. Summer brings about more wildfires in California and the surrounding area, decreasing the overall air quality.

Another issue is longer days combined with our pollutants. Our created pollutants, like the emissions from cars, power plants and air conditioners, turn into ozone when exposed to direct sunlight. Increased daylight in the summer, in turn, produces more ozone throughout the area.

Issues With Poor Air Quality

While no one likes the idea of poor air quality, there are some particular concerns with breathing poor-quality air. It may not directly cause any health issue, but breathing air that is poor in quality has been linked to asthma, lung disease and cardiovascular illness. These issues may arise or worsen due to poor air quality.

Perform an Air Quality Test Today
Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home. If you’re ready to purify your air and enjoy fresh, clean indoor air this summer, contact a local company to perform air quality testing Los Angeles. Once you determine the quality of your indoor air, you can find out how new appliances, filters and other upgrades can take you one step closer to breathing clean, fresh air again.

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