Pool houses provide convenient places to change into and out of bathing suits without trampling through main homes. They also typically feature bathrooms and other amenities that make pool time extra enjoyable. If you have a pool house, keeping it mold-free is important, since the house is often subjected to wet feet, damp towels, and dripping bathing suits. To help you in your efforts, review what your mold remediation team in Los Angeles suggests. 

Provide Hooks For Hanging Towels

Towels dry fastest on hooks, not racks where they are usually folded. Install numerous hooks in your pool house, and encourage family members and friends to use them instead of throwing their towels on the floor. There will be less moisture in the air as a result, which inhibits mold growth. You might also want to install ceiling fans in your pool house to encourage quick drying. 

Add Dehumidifiers

Installing an air conditioning system in your pool house helps keep the space dry, but it may not be enough if the humidity in your region is high. Adding at least one sizable dehumidifier to the pool house extracts moisture from the air to maintain a humidity level between 30% and 50%. Humidity that is 60% or above allows mold to flourish. 

Don’t Let Piles of Wet Clothes Accumulate 

Wet clothes left for days at a time provide ideal conditions for mold growth. Rather than forgetting about the wet clothes in your pool house, make a simple rule: whoever is the last person to exit the house for the day needs to pick up any remaining wet clothes. They can drape them over poolside chairs or bring them in the house, depending on the weather. 

Clean Regularly With White Vinegar & Borax

White vinegar is among the common household products that kills mold on contact. Borax is another. Using one or both of these natural products to clean your pool house keeps it clean and kills any spores. Routine cleaning is especially important if your pool house has a bathroom, since bathrooms are naturally damp most of the time. 

For mold inspection services in Manhattan Beach and the rest of Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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