Mold in vacation homes is a common problem for many owners, since these residences often go unused for months or even years at a time. If you own a vacation house or condo, review more ways to ensure mold does not take over from your Los Angeles mold inspectors

Dispose of Mold-Prone Products Before You Leave

Some household products are more vulnerable to mold than others, especially when left for a period of time. Kitchen and bathroom sponges, hand towels, air filters, shower loofahs, indoor plants, and wooden cutting boards are among these items. Dispose of these things appropriately and take the rest with you to avoid creating an environment for mold. If you rent your vacation home throughout the year, you’ll want to check for these items after every guest leaves. Should you not live in the area, have a friend, family member, or vacation home management company provide this important service. 

Avoid Using Carpet

While carpeting contributes to a cozy vacation home, it can also create an environment for mold growth. For example, if a guest spills water or another liquid on the carpet that is not cleaned up immediately, it seeps into the carpeting and backing, creating conditions for mold. If your vacation home currently features wall-to-wall carpeting in most or all of the rooms, consider switching to tile. Ceramic and porcelain tile are two attractive options; you can also browse vinyl flooring selections as well. Many of today’s vinyl floor choices are designed to resemble other flooring, including wooden and tile flooring. 

Look For Standing Water Around Appliances

Leaking water heaters, toilets, refrigerators, and washing machines easily contribute to mold growth. Make a habit of checking these appliances before leaving your vacation home. If you will not be there for some time and work with a management company, ask them to do periodic mold checks. Should you notice a leak at any time, schedule repairs immediately to prevent water damage and mold growth. It is also a good idea to get any old, energy-inefficient appliances replaced. 

For mold testing and removal services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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