Basements frequently provide welcome environments for a wide variety of mold strains due to dark, damp conditions. By preventing moldy basement issues, you reduce the risks of toxic black mold exposure and the health issues it causes. Use this guide created by your Los Angeles black mold removal specialists to keep the subterranean room free of toxic fungi. 

Where Does Mold Typically Grow in Basements? 

Mold can appear on a variety of basement surfaces, including walls and wall cavities, floors, ceilings, insulation, and pipes. It can also show up in ducts and vents, as well as storage boxes and furniture. Wooden building frames exposed to moisture become vulnerable to mold as well as wet rot. Since mold breaks down organic materials such as wood, any growth on structural components can compromise the building’s integrity. 

How Does Mold Enter a Basement? 

Your Orange County mold inspectors note that fungi develops in basements because of increased humidity. Basements are highly susceptible to humidity because surrounding damp soil puts pressure on their walls, allowing moisture and water to enter the underground space. Improper grading or grading changes due to soil compaction and erosion also contribute to humidity because it affects drainage efficiency. 

Clogged gutters that allow rainwater to pool around the foundation of the home contribute to high basement humidity as well as leaking basement walls.

What are the Signs of Basement Mold Growth? 

Musty odors permeate basements when mold and mildew is present. Stains that create patches of color on basement walls also indicate mold growth. Physical symptoms among household members can include chronic coughs and fatigue, skin rashes, headaches, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Symptoms can also include headaches, digestive problems, joint and nerve pain, and even depression depending on the type of mold, the severity of the infestation, and the duration of exposure. 

How Do You Prevent Basement Mold?

Dehumidifier use combined with basement waterproofing keeps the subterranean space dry and mold-free. It also helps to landscape around the basement since soil that slopes down encourages water to drain into the home. Routine cleaning with a HEPA vacuum eliminates mold spores as well. 
If you suspect a severe infestation in your Orange County home, schedule a mold inspection with Mold Masters today. 

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