There is never a good time to come home and find out that a pipe has burst in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or another part of the house. Whether the burst just occurred or it happened while you were away for a few days, immediate action is required. Follow these six steps if you ever come home to a burst pipe and a flooded house.

1. Shut Off Water and Electricity to the Area

Know where your water shut-off valve is and turn it off immediately. You also need to turn off electricity to the flooded area; otherwise, you and anyone else who comes in contact with the water could experience a nasty shock or worse.

2. Remove Personal Items If Possible

If there is furniture or other items that you are able to move out of the flooded area, do so as soon as possible. If the water is clean, such as that from a kitchen pipe, these items may be salvageable.

3. Use Wet-Dry Vacuum and Mop to Clean Area

The next step is to clear the area of water. If there is only a little water, you may be able to mop it up. More extensive flood cleanup is best done by using a wet-dry vac.

4. Dry the Area Completely

After removing the water, you’ll want to get your hands on some large industrial fans to dry the area. If the flooded area includes carpet, you will need to lift the carpet to ensure it dries completely underneath.

5. Fix the Damaged Pipe

After you’ve taken care of cleanup and drying, you will want to fix the burst pipe so this doesn’t happen again. If necessary, you might need to call in a plumber.

6. Consider Calling a Professional Cleanup Crew

If the water damage is more than you can handle on your own, call in a professional water damage restoration crew to make sure the area is cleaned and repaired properly. To prevent mold growth and additional damage following a burst pipe in your home, contact us for assistance.

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