The most common reasons for basement flooding are natural disasters, plumbing malfunctions, and water-using appliance failures. No matter why your basement flooded, taking care of the water damage as soon as possible is essential. Not only does it allow you to salvage more of your belongings, it prevents mold growth. Mold reproduces in 48 to 72 hours, causing allergic reactions and property damage. To help you stay ahead of mold in the event of a basement flood, review tips from your Los Angeles mold remediation team

Turn Off The Gas and Electric

To stay safe, turn off gas and electricity to the basement prior to cleaning up. Water is an electrical conduit, so do not enter your flooded basement without shutting down its electrical power first. If you feel professional assistance is necessary, contact a licensed electrician. You’ll also want to take photos of the damage for insurance purposes.

Soak Up As Much Of The Water As Possible

In addition to using old towels to soak up the water in your basement, you can use a pump or wet/dry vacuum to remove the liquid quickly and efficiently. If there is a large amount of water present, using the applicable machinery streamlines the process so your basement dries out quicker. Fans and dehumidifiers also help with the drying efforts. 

Ensure The Basement Drains Are Not Blocked

Most basements feature at least one drain for flood water purposes. Locate this drain, as it must be free of obstructions and debris for quick drainage. Depending on how even your basement floor is, using a broom to guide the water to the drain can be helpful.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows in your basement provides additional air circulation that helps it dry out. The windows should feature screens to avoid opening the subterranean room up to pests, so purchase some if necessary. The more air that circulates in the basement, the quicker it will dry out. 

Remove Water-Damaged Belongings 

Taking saturated belongings out of your basement during drying efforts removes moisture from the air and hopefully saves the items from ruin. If possible, take the items outside and allow them to dry out in the sun. Later, you can inspect the belongings to determine what you can keep and what, unfortunately, has to be discarded. 
For flood cleanup services in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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