Mold grows in places that are warm and moist. It’s never surprising to find mold around sinks or near the washing machine. Finding mold in your basement or crawl space probably wouldn’t shock you. But mold is a tricky organism that can hide in some unexpected places. During a mold inspection Orange County, you should make sure to check these five places where mold might be hiding.

  1. Air Conditioner
    When your AC unit runs, it prevents mold from growing by keeping the air circulating and maintaining low humidity levels. If you turn off your AC for a couple of days, it gives mold a place to grow. You may need to hire a professional for mold removal Glendale if you have mold in your unit.
  2. Window sashes
    If your windows aren’t sealed properly, condensation collects on the sashes, giving mold moisture to grow. When you do see condensation around your windows, wipe up the moisture. Repair or replace seals and sashes.
  3. Refrigerator drips pans

It’s easy to forget that water collects under the refrigerator. Combined with food spills around the kitchen, it’s a great place for mold to grow. You need to clean the pan as part of your spring cleaning. Wash the floor under your fridge, too.

  1. Under your floor mat
    The floor mat’s purpose is to collect moisture and dirt to keep it out of your home. But this is the perfect environment for mold to grow. After heavy use, remove the mat to give the floor a chance to dry. Clean the mats monthly.
  2. Around the water heater
    Condensation is just one problem around water heaters. Drains can become clogged, which lets water accumulate, a perfect home for mold. Inspect your water heater regularly to watch for signs of mold.

Contact a Mold Professional

Don’t let mold invade your home. Contact professional mold removal experts to address your mold problem and to ensure your home is mold-free.

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