Mold can spread any time of year, making it important to stay vigilant regardless of the season. In addition to scheduling annual checks with your Orange County mold inspector, use these tips to keep mold from thriving in your home this summer. You’ll enjoy healthier indoor air, fewer allergies and respiratory issues, and a more comfortable residence. 

Control the Humidity

High humidity levels make it easy for mold to multiply. Keep the humidity in your home between 35% and 50% to prevent infestations from taking over. If the level in your home is 60%, you may have a plumbing leak or other moisture issue you are unaware of that’s contributing to damp conditions. A humidity level over 70% allows mold to flourish. 

Ensure All Windows & Doors Are Shut When Using AC

If windows and doors remain open when the air conditioning system is on, the combination of cold air escaping and humid air coming in creates condensation. Mold loves dampness and grows quickly when condensation is present. Keep all windows and doors shut to prevent fungal growth as well as uncomfortable conditions and high energy bills because the system has to work harder. 

Inspect For Standing Water

Areas of your home can feature standing water and subsequently the potential for mold. Your mold testing experts in Orange County suggest inspecting crawl spaces, sump pumps, refrigerators, basement doors and windows, and water heaters to identify and eliminate standing water. 

Maintain the Indoor Climate

Your ac thermostat plays a role in mold control. If it’s too high, it prevents the system from removing moisture from the air efficiently. If it’s too low, surfaces become too chilled and the chance of water vapor issues increase. Set the thermostat according to manufacturer recommendations for the size of your home to sidestep these problems. 

Install a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers range from small individual units to whole-house systems that constantly monitor the humidity level. Purchase one unit, several units, or a system for the entire house depending on the humidity in your region to retard mold growth. 

Schedule mold inspections in Orange County with Mold Masters to stay ahead of infestations.

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