Mold does not discriminate and appears anywhere when the conditions are right. If you are a commercial building owner or manager, staying ahead of mold growth is key to maintaining a healthy space for employees, customers, and all others who enter. Review hidden sources of mold growth in commercial buildings and schedule mold testing in Orange County whenever you think it necessary. 

The Back of Drywall

Mold can appear on the backside of drywall as well as under wallpaper and paneling. It can also appear on the top of your building’s ceiling tiles. Depending on where the mold flourishes, you might eventually smell that familiar musty, earthy odor or see mold spores coming through the wallpaper, drywall, etc. Any old building that has not enjoyed proper ventilation is especially susceptible to mold growth in these areas. 

Underside of Carpet Padding

Mold grows easily underneath carpets and carpet padding, such as following a water or other liquid spill that was not cleaned up immediately and thoroughly. Water, juice, or any other susceptible liquid seeps through the carpeting and creates ideal conditions for mold. Again, if the building is older and the carpeting has not been replaced for years or even decades, the likelihood of mold growth is greater. 

Roof Materials

Issues such as roof leaks and poor insulation cause mold to grow above commercial building ceiling tiles. Without swift action, the mold spreads and can eventually compromise the roof’s structural stability. Clogged commercial gutters contribute to roof mold issues as well because rainwater backs up and seeps between shingles. 

Utility Tunnels and Pipe Chases

If either of these areas feature condensing or leaking pipes, the risk of mold growth is serious. You might notice that musty odor or see visible mold depending on how long leaks have been present. 

Walls Behind Furniture

When furniture is right against a wall, it can create condensation and subsequently mold growth issues. Upholstered and wooden furniture are particularly vulnerable because they are porous and absorb liquids. Furniture against walls near leaking windows are at even greater risk of mold growth. 

Schedule mold testing in Orange County with Mold Masters to avoid serious commercial building mold problems.

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