Healthy indoor air at your office is imperative to the business’s success, as it helps employees feel good and stay focused. Poor indoor air quality often results in issues such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, eye watering, and throat irritation, all of which can hinder employee performance and subsequently affect productivity. There are many ways to improve office air quality; review what your mold testing team in Orange County suggests. 

Clean the HVAC Filter Regularly

If any HVAC filter is not cleaned and replaced regularly, it becomes clogged with dust, dirt, insect remains, pollen, and other debris. Cleaning this filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions or as needed allows it to continue trapping contaminants, which prevents them from being recirculated into the air and causing allergic reactions. Check your HVAC system’s filter cleaning and replacement suggestions, and make adjustments in light of how many individuals work in your office. 

Avoid Using Toxic Cleaning Products

Many chemical cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that impair indoor air quality when used. Rather than allowing such products to be utilized in your office, research natural alternatives. There are many inexpensive cleaning products that kill germs and bacteria just as easily as their chemical counterparts for healthier indoor air. 

Look Into UV Lights and Air Filters

UV light and air filters help prevent bacteria and mold from flourishing. These lights stop mold and bacteria from forming while air filters trap existing containments and can be placed within ductwork. If your office does not feature either of these helpful devices, consider adding them around the commercial space for cleaner, healthier air. 

Keep Windows Closed on High Pollen Days

The daily pollen report for your area helps you enjoy healthy office air. Make a habit of checking this report often, particularly in the spring and fall when pollen counts are typically worse. Any high-pollen days call for closing the windows and turning on the HVAC system. Your employees will sneeze and wheeze less, plus your office will be cleaner overall because pollen will not get to coat various surfaces. 
For air and mold testing in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today.

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