As a business owner, mold can present a serious problem without prevention or quick remediation. It has the power to make employees and customers sick, while also inflicting structural damage to any organic materials, such as wood. In addition to scheduling annual mold testing with your Orange County team, use the following tips to keep the fungus out of your commercial basement. 

Schedule Waterproofing Services

Have the subterranean space waterproofed if you haven’t already. Basement waterproofing prevents excessive water from infiltrating the space and causing mold growth among other problems, such as ruined inventory and equipment. Waterproofing is one of the best ways to maintain a dry basement and prevent foundation shifts from water infiltrations that cause freeze/thaw cycles. 

Use Dehumidifiers

Add dehumidifiers to your basement. Depending on the size of the space and the capacity of the appliance, you might only need one. Moisture absorbers also help, such as those made with silica. The product draws moisture from the air to prevent dampness that leads to mold growth. If you use a dehumidifying appliance, you’ll need to empty it periodically. The water can be used on your commercial property’s flowers or lawn. 

Work With Mold-Proof Storage Items

Use plastic containers with sealable lids to store inventory or tools you do not immediately need. They create airtight storage that prevents mold from growing. These containers also keep vermin out, a benefit cardboard boxes do not provide. And while plastic bins are ideal, plastic sheeting is not. Do not use it to cover items in storage, since it harbors moisture and provides ideal conditions for mold. 

Insulate Exposed Pipes & Appliances

Wrap insulation around exposed plumbing pipes to avoid condensation and subsequently mold growth. Pipe sleeves and fiberglass insulation both provide viable options that prevent condensation caused by pipe and air temperature differences. If your basement features a sump pump, you’ll want to ensure it is properly insulated as well. A functional sump pump free of condensation issues is key in the event of a flood, as it sucks water out of the basement and into a connecting pipe to prevent serious water damage and mold growth. 
For efficient mold removal in Orange County, contact Mold Masters. The mold inspectors provide testing, inspection, and removal services. 

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