When a flood occurs, the shock can stay with you for several days. Yet it is important to act quickly to prevent serious water damage and mold growth. Your Orange County mold inspectors recommend the following steps to reduce fungal infestations as much as possible. 

Request Water Damage Restoration Services

Call your water damage restoration experts in Orange County immediately after a flood. They have the equipment and experience to prevent further damage, and can hopefully salvage most of your home’s contents. They recommend proper disposal for items that cannot be saved, and use tools such as air scrubbers and flood extractors to dry your home quickly and thoroughly. Always call the local restoration company after a flood to ensure your house is free of all water damage. 

Keep Your Windows & Doors Open

Open your doors and windows while waiting for the restoration service to help dry out your house. Cross breezes help dry household contents, though you should remove as many items as you can to dry out on the lawn, such as furniture, rugs, and assorted decor. The more belongings you can safely remove to lose moisture in the sun, the better. Sunlight is a natural mold killer in addition to providing drying assistance. 

Use Fans & Dehumidifiers if it’s Safe 

Operate dehumidifiers and fans only if you can without the risk of shocks or electrocutions. Any outlets or appliances compromised by water should not be touched since the liquid is a natural electricity conductor. If you aren’t sure whether an outlet or dehumidifier has sustained water damage, do not use it to stay extra safe. Should you be able to use fans, place some in windows facing outward so they suck out damp air. 

Schedule Mold Testing 

Have the local mold inspectors test your home in the aftermath of a flood to determine if spores have survived. Mold testing provides peace of mind or lets you know how much of the detrimental fungi is present to schedule removal services. It’s a good idea to schedule mold testing on an annual basis as a preventative measure. 

Call Mold Masters, your Orange County mold testing service, today to make an appointment. 

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