Mold may be an essential part of the natural world because it breaks down organic materials, but it can inflict serious harm in the home. Take a moment to learn five important facts about the fungi, and schedule a mold inspection with your Glendale inspectors if you suspect an infestation. 

  1. Most Homes Feature At Least a Few Mold Spores

It’s virtually impossible to remove every single mold spore from your home due to factors such as damp bathrooms, rotting fruit, and fluctuating humidity. The single most important thing you can do to keep mold from multiplying and causing problems is to control the moisture level in your home. It takes as little as 48 hours to mold to flourish in the right conditions, with most strains preferring dark, damp environments, including toxic black mold. 

  1. Regular Cleaning Won’t Get Rid of Mold

To eliminate small mold infestations, soap and water will not do. As long as the infestation is not over 10 square feet, you can eliminate it with white vinegar, a powerful liquid that destroys spores on contact. Wear a mask and other protective gear such as rubber gloves while you clean to avoid inhaling or touching the spores. If the infestation is over 10 square feet, contact your Orange County mold removal service

  1. Leaks & Humidity Provide Ideal Mold Conditions

Humidity levels that reach 70% feature the moisture content ideal for mold growth. In addition to controlling the humidity in your home with dehumidifiers, check for plumbing leaks regularly. Leaks under sinks and within walls provide many different mold strains with the conditions they need to thrive. Also increase the ventilation in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and make certain there are no standing water issues, such as water in your crawl space or around your sump pump. 

  1. Mold Can Crop Up Anywhere

Since there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of mold strains on Earth, it’s possible for the fungi to appear almost anywhere. Different strains have different preferences, with some enjoying walls, ductwork, and bathrooms, while others appear on paper, produce, around air conditioners, and on wood and carpeting. 
Keep the harmful fungi out of your home with annual mold inspections from Orange County-based Mold Masters

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