House flooding can happen any time whether you live on a coastline or not. Major appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines contribute to house flooding in addition to assorted natural disasters, potentially resulting in serious household water damage. Use this guide from your Orange County mold testing service to ensure you take the right steps after house flooding, whatever its cause. 

Practice Safety First

Turn the power off in your home assuming it is safe to do so, as water is a conduit for electricity. If you have to wade through the liquid to access your home’s power main, call an electrician instead of trying to turn the power off yourself. Keep in mind that flood waters can contain pathogens and bacteria depending on its source, so wear waterproof clothing and gear before entering your home to deal with flood damage. 

Photograph the Damage

Take pictures of the flood damage for insurance purposes. Videos of flooded home areas help as well. Again, keep safety at the forefront of your mind–if you believe it is too dangerous to enter your home because of high flood waters and possible hanging wires, wait until professionals have assessed the situation. You can still capture images of any exterior damage, such as doors and windows breached by flood waters. 

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Call your insurance company to review your coverage. Flood damage isn’t covered by most standard homeowner insurance policies; however, if the damage resulted from a burst plumbing pipe or appliance, you might be entitled to reimbursement. Consider purchasing separate flood coverage if you do not have it in case of future issues. 

Schedule Flood Damage Remediation 

Request flood cleanup services for your Los Angeles-area home as soon as possible to avoid problems such as wood rot and mold growth. It takes mold 24 to 48 hours to flourish in the right conditions, such as dark, damp basements and wall cavities. Also, consider scheduling mold testing services once flood remediation is over to make certain your home is fungi-free. 
Contact Mold Masters, your Orange County mold removal service, for all of your mold inspection and flood cleanup needs. 

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