No matter what caused water damage in your office, such as a plumbing malfunction or weather-related event, taking immediate action is essential. It prevents the problem from worsening and causing issues such as serious property damage and mold growth. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors suggest in the event of office water damage to mitigate the problem as quickly as possible. 

Shut Off the Power

Whether water damage occurs in your office, residence, or anywhere else, shutting off the power is an important safety measure. It lowers the risk of electrocution-related injuries since water is a conduit for electricity. If employees are present, tell them to shut off their electronic devices and machines as well, such as printers and fax machines. 

Should the damage be due to a faulty or damaged water line, shut the water off to your office too. 

Evacuate the Building

Everyone needs to leave the building as soon as they can to stay safe. If your employees have not participated in mock evacuations yet, consider holding one now. You want every person to know what to do when water damage happens. Make it clear that removing company equipment is not the priority–their safety is. 

Do Some Salvaging

Once you get the go-ahead to re-enter the office, salvage what you can, such as sensitive documents and personal mementos employees keep on their desks. Wear the appropriate gear before going in the building, which includes waterproof boots and rubber gloves. 

Contact Insurance and Restoration Companies

Calling your local water damage and mold removal company along with your insurance provider are not activities to put off. The sooner you report the damage, the sooner the insurance carrier can assess the situation and provide coverage. Scheduling water damage restoration services immediately is often the difference between mild and severe damage. It is also necessary to stop mold from forming, since most mold strains take between 48 and 72 hours to flourish. 

To help your efforts, take as many photos and videos of the damage as you can for insurance evidence purposes. 

For water damage restoration and mold removal services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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