If a shed on your property floods from a recent storm, taking action immediately is imperative. It prevents serious water damage, including mold growth that triggers allergic reactions, in addition to ruining various shed contents. To help you avoid these issues, review what steps your mold removal team in the Pacific Palisades recommend. 

Remove Everything

Taking everything out of the shed as soon as possible protects it from serious water damage and mold growth. Allow lawn furniture, equipment, decor, and other shed contents to dry in the sun, which also helps prevent mold because sunlight kills the fungus. Wait until everything is thoroughly dry–you might have to wipe some items down to expedite the drying process. Removing everything also helps the shed dry out, because it isn’t full of damp equipment and other belongings. If there are any rugs in the shed, remove them as well to prevent mold growth. 

Use Fans & Dehumidifiers

In addition to opening the windows and skylight, if applicable, you’ll want to dry the shed with fans and dehumidifiers. If the shed does not feature outlets or working outlets, use a portable generator to supply the fans and dehumidifiers with power. Non-electric dehumidifiers also help, such as those featuring charcoal. Keep the fans and dehumidifiers on all day–depending on the extent of the flood damage, you might need to run these appliances for two days or more. This ensures a fully dry storage space. 

Grade Around the Shed 

If the soil around your shed slopes into the storage structure, flood damage is inevitable. Grading around the shed so the soil slopes away is therefore essential in preventing further problems. The soil around your home should also be graded for the same reason. Depending on the size of the shed and what equipment you have available, professional grading services might be necessary. 

Schedule Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration services provide your Orange County home with peace of mind, because you know everything is dry and mold-free. If you smell musty odors or are otherwise concerned about significant flood damage, call your local mold removal company as soon as possible. 

For mold inspection services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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