Mold plays a destructive role in the home not only because of the respiratory problems and other health issues it can inflict on residents, but because it breaks down organic material, such as wood, to potentially compromise structural stability. If you want to keep the damaging fungi out of your home, review what tips your Glendale mold inspection team strongly recommends.

Avoid Damp Air

Maintain a humidity level between 30 and 60% depending on your region to avoid damp conditions that invite mold growth. Use dehumidifiers throughout your home in light of its square footage to pull moisture from the air, such as placing one in your basement and another in your kitchen. Check the devices often to avoid spending unnecessary energy because their water storage basins are full, and use the water for plants.

Fix Plumbing Leaks Immediately

Never let a plumbing leak go unchecked, whether it is under a sink or toilet, within an interior wall, or anywhere else. Not only do leaks waste water and promote plumbing inefficiencies, they provide ideal conditions for mold to flourish. Look for signs of leaks in walls and ceilings often, such as checking for yellowish stains, and call your local plumbing contractor to fix the issue(s). Depending on how long the leak was present, you may need your Orange County mold inspector to remove fungal growth from your home.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Make certain kitchen, bathroom, attic, and dryer vents function the way they should to keep mold from multiplying because of damp environments. While some vents appear to work, they do not direct damp air away from residences. Get your vents checked by your plumbers to make sure they are functional to avoid circulating moist air through your home.

Install a Sump Pump

Mitigate water damage and mold growth from storm-related floods with a sump pump. Usually located in a basement corner, the battery-operated device activates whenever water enters its pit. That water exits the home through a drainage pipe to avoid severe issues from basement flooding. To check your sump pump’s operation, simply add water to the pit.
Take care of fungal infestations immediately with help from your Orange County mold removal service. Mold Masters offers inspection, testing, and removal to keep homes throughout the region healthy.

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