As a retail store owner, staying on top of water damage is essential to avoid related problems, such as serious mold growth. And while some water damage signs are obvious, such as a leaking ceiling, others are less conspicuous. Review common signs your Mold Inspection Los Angeles team wants you to know about, all of which allow you to take swift action. 

Wet Drywall

If your drywall feels wet to the touch for reasons you cannot explain, there is a leak that needs addressing. The roof could be the culprit, or a cracked plumbing pipe. Eroded pipes from corrosion can also cause leaks that saturate drywall. Depending how long the drywall has been damp, it might start flaking off and creating small messes on your floor. 

Brownish Stains on Walls & Ceilings

Leaking water often causes brownish stains to appear on ceilings and walls, depending on its source. If the problem isn’t rectified quickly, the stains will likely get bigger. Multiple stains can also appear. The discoloration often looks circular and may occur in conjunction with actual leaks. 

Peeling Paint

As water forms under your retail business’s paint, you’ll notice it bubbling or peeling. As with drywall, the paint can start to flake if the problem isn’t taken care of by your Orange County water damage restoration team. Small paint flakes can enter the atmosphere as well and affect your retail store’s indoor air quality. 

Musty Odors That familiar musty odor tells you mold and mildew has developed somewhere in your store. You might notice it in the back storage area that needs better ventilation to prevent condensation problems, or the commercial building’s basement that was flooded recently. Mold testing services for your Orange County business identify the infestation’s location, allowing you to schedule timely removal services that eradicate musty odors. You might also need to upgrade the ventilation in your business to avoid recurring problems that can put customers off. A quality dehumidifying system helps as well. 

Don’t let a mold problem become severe–contact Mold Masters today to request services from the Orange County mold inspectors.

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