Water damage is a serious problem in any home and one that should be remedied immediately. Preventing water damage is therefore an essential homeowner maintenance task and there are many easy ways to do so. Check out more tips from your Los Angeles mold inspectors to maintain a dry, safe residence. 

Inspect Sprinklers/Irrigation System

All sprinklers and irrigation systems on your property require routine inspections to avoid foundation and basement water damage. Leaks in such systems cause this type of water damage in addition to waterlogged plants, flowers, and grass. Check the systems as recommended by their owner’s manuals and ensure the water they provide always flows away from your home. The grading around your residence should slope away from the structure to keep water out. 

You’ll also want to make certain you use no more water than necessary, which is an eco-friendly measure in addition to a water damage prevention tactic. 

Schedule Chimney Repairs

Chimney damage or wear can easily result in water infiltration and damage. If your chimney is older and hasn’t been inspected for some time, schedule an appointment. The chimney professional will identify any issues and make the right repairs. This individual will also check the chimney flashing for sealant reasons. 

Plant Water-Loving Vegetation

Many homeowners plant “water gardens” filled with water-loving vegetation to control property water damage. Such gardens are often found on properties with uneven terrain to avoid water damage and related issues like erosion and fertilizer run-off. Besides researching water gardens, you can also plant vegetation with extensive root systems. These plants literally hold their ground in the face of storms and help absorb rainwater quickly. 

Consider a Leak Protection System

Depending on how often you encounter water damage issues, a leak protection system might be needed. A water leak detection device instantly shuts the water off in the event of a leak to prevent potentially-catastrophic damage. Some water leak devices have apps that allow you to shut the water off from your phone, which is convenient when an issue occurs and you are not home. 

For water damage and mold inspection services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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