Mold can grow on almost anything, with most species preferring dark, damp conditions. If you have kids, teaching about the detrimental fungi is essential. It not only encourages the little ones to make healthy choices, it contributes to a cleaner home with better air quality. Use these tips from your Orange County mold inspectors to assist your education efforts. 

Create a “Fungus Garden” 

Explain that while mold has no place in the home because of the related health risks, it plays an important role in nature by breaking down organic matter. Have fun with mold-themed activities that show how mold affects different items and makes spores easier to recognize. A fungus garden lets you showcase a variety of molds–just make certain no one “opens” the garden after spores have formed. 

Encourage Quick Spill Cleanups

Always tackle spills quickly to keep moisture from sinking into carpeting or under tiles/planks and causing mold growth. Have the kids watch you while you clean and tell them to do the same any time they spill water or juice. Keep paper towels within easy reach and promote eco-friendly cleaning with DIY white vinegar solutions. The young ones will likely take cleaning lessons to college to maintain cleaner, healthier dorm environments.  

Limit Bedroom Snacking

Confine snacking activities to the kitchen as much as possible to limit the number of crumbs around your house. Not only does rotting food invite mold growth, it attracts rodents and insects. If the kids simply must snack in their bedrooms or the TV room, always provide plates and napkins. Also have them bring the plates back to the kitchen when they are finished. 

Install Towel Hooks in the Kids’ Bathroom

Add hooks to the children’s bathroom so they always hang their towels up instead of letting them pile on the floor. Bars can be harder for young children to use and do not allow towels to dry as quickly as hooks do. The small installations help keep mold out of their bathroom, which should be well-ventilated to keep the fungi from forming 

For mold testing or removal in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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