Despite its essential role breaking down organic material in the natural world, mold can inflict serious damage in the home and cause health issues such as asthma, allergy flare-ups, and headaches. Protect your home against the destructive fungi by learning about common areas in your home where mold flourishes. And remember, schedule mold inspection services with your Orange County remediation team any time you suspect an infestation.


Perhaps the room in the home most synonymous with mold growth, the dark and damp conditions basements often feature make them ideal for fungal reproduction. Protect your basement from that familiar musty odor and the problems that follow by keeping the subterranean room dry with a dehumidifier. Also consider basement waterproofing services and sump pump installation if you live on a floodplain or other area vulnerable to storms and water damage.


Bathroom moisture makes it easy for fungi to grow and require mold removal services from your Orange County team. Solve wet bathroom problems by inspecting for leaks regularly and scheduling plumbing services whenever you require them. Also ensure the ventilation system actually works and vents damp air away from your home.


Another room in your home vulnerable to moisture and poor ventilation, the kitchen allows mold spores to thrive. Cooking spaces without sufficient natural light become even more susceptible to mold growth because sunlight kills the fungi. If your kitchen lacks windows, keep mold out of the room with a quality ventilation system. Depending on the humidity in your region, you may need another dehumidifier.


The dark spaces within walls offer environments for mold to grow due to problems such as roof leaks. Water infiltrates your home and trickles down through the ceiling and walls, resulting in mold in about 48 hours if no actions are taken. Plumbing leaks also provide prime mold conditions. If you see yellow or brownish spots on your walls, there’s likely a roof or plumbing leak that needs addressing.

And remember, if there’s a mold infestation in your walls or anywhere else more than 10 square feet, you need professional remediation services to avoid inhaling spores.

Schedule a consultation with the Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters today to keep the fungi out of your home.


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