Mold does not discriminate between residential and commercial settings. If you work in an office, learning about the most common causes of mold in these settings is essential. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors want you to know to stay ahead of mold issues in your office. 

Food Waste in the Office Kitchen/Common Areas

Any food waste or leftovers that are not refrigerated or disposed of properly contribute to mold growth. Mold grows if food is not cleaned up by the office cleaning company or employees and can spread quickly, such as to nearby walls or cabinets. Ensuring the kitchen and any common areas remain free of food waste and left-out lunches keeps mold from flourishing. It also avoids attracting vermin to help you maintain a healthy office environment. 

Ventilation System

The building’s ventilation system can cause mold-related issues. Dust and mold can grow in this system, resulting in indoor air contamination and related health issues. Employees might start coughing, wheezing, blowing their noses, and dealing with watery eyes and irritated throats. If these symptoms cannot be explained any other way, mold is the likely culprit. Mold testing services in your Orange County office provide the necessary insight. 

Air Conditioning System

Any area where water infiltrates the building can result in mold growth. The air conditioning system causes water intrusion if its dehumidification system within the air handler malfunctions. This typically allows water to leak into the work area, causing water damage and mold growth. You might notice musty odors around the air conditioning system and see visible mold on the walls, floor, or anywhere else where the liquid has made contact. Keeping up with A/C system maintenance helps avoid these issues. 

Wall Cavities 

Rodent activity behind the walls of your office can result in mold growth. Mold grows on rodent excrement, potentially resulting in sizable infestations. You again might notice increasingly-pungent musty odors if there is a mold issue behind office walls. Mold testing is the next best step to protect employee health. 
If you suspect a mold problem in your office, contact Mold Masters today! 

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