Perhaps your home was recently flooded and has sustained mold growth, or you discovered a mold infestation in a poorly-ventilated area of your home.

No matter why there is an infestation, schedule mold removal services for your Orange County residence as soon as possible. You’ll also want to take the following steps to inhibit the detrimental fungus’s spread. 

Seal Off Affected Rooms

Use plastic tarps and sheeting to create tight seals between rooms affected by mold and those that are fungus-free. Painter’s tape makes tarp adherence easy, as it won’t affect painted walls and moulding when you take it down. Sealing off the rooms until your Long Beach mold removal team arrives prevents spores from entering clean areas and triggering allergic reactions, including coughing, wheezing, sneezing, eye watering, and throat irritation. 

If you must enter a moldy room for any reason, change your shoes and clothes as soon as you exit to avoid tracking spores through your house. And remember, any moldy items that are beyond salvaging must be thrown out. 

Establish New Sleeping Areas

Create sleeping areas in rooms that are as far away from the infestation as possible, such as the living room if the mold is in an upstairs bathroom. Always change your clothes and shoes before entering mold-free areas, and shower. Washing your hair and body prevents mold spores from getting into your bedding and causing allergic reactions. It also inhibits the fungus’s spread, since many mold strains thrive in fabric and upholstery. 

Spend Less Time at Home

Staying away from your home as much as possible while mold is present reduces your chances of allergic reactions and bigger health issues, such as lung infections. If you and your family can temporarily stay with friends, extended family members, or in a hotel or AirBnB, do it. Should you be unable to make other arrangements, it still helps to spend less time at your house, such as by taking walks, visiting local libraries and museums, and going out for dinner. 
For timely mold testing and removal services in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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