Who has time for water damage restoration Santa Monica this winter season? Unfortunately, the colder months are precisely when significant water problems can occur. Whether from burst lines or unnoticed weak points in the roof, houses are particularly vulnerable when the weather shifts. Therefore, to protect your home against the most likely culprits of water damage, make sure to do at least three things.

1. Inspect Water Lines Annually

As any company providing water damage restoration orange county will tell you, water lines are among the most vulnerable parts of your home. When water sits in a line and is exposed to the cold, there is always the possibility of freezing and pipe breaks, especially when there is a pre-existing slow leak. Therefore, have your lines inspected during the fall every year to ensure everything is working as it should, making any repairs as needed.

2. Maintain the Roofline

Next, you need to maintain your roofline. While you might be done with cleaning gutters and clearing downspouts, these two elements, if not managed, can lead to the development of ice dams and water seepage. Ice dams allow water to seep slowly under the shingles of a roof, damaging sheathing and potentially reaching the interior of a home. Also, try to keep heavy snowfalls clear of your roof by using roof brushes or heaters. However, be sure to use any tool responsibly to avoid further damage or danger.

3. Insulate Exposed Pipes

Last, insulate exposed pipes. These are the lines that run the most risk of freezing and bursting during the winter. Therefore, purchase pipe insulation and wrap everything you can. You may need to enter your crawlspace to do so. However, you might be able to find a contractor willing to perform this task for you.

The wintertime is a prime time for water damage. The frigid temperature and unpredictable snowfall can lead to burst pipes and water seepage. If you want to prepare and maintain your property properly, then contact a disaster or plumbing specialist to assess your property and help you come up with a plan for water damage prevention.

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