Most homeowners know about common residential areas for mold growth, such as the basement, attic, bathroom, and behind walls. However, the harmful fungi can flourish in a wide variety of other household areas and potentially trigger allergic reactions such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and eye watering. To help you stay ahead of mold issues, review what your mold removal team in Orange County wants you to know about hidden places. 

Window Seals and Sashes

Condensation allows moisture and mold to develop in your window sashes and seals. Depending on the age of the windows, you might need to replace the sashes and seals to prevent condensation, mold growth, and water damage. 

If your windows are not ancient, clean the seals and sashes following every big storm. Simply open the windows and remove moisture from the sashes and bottom of the sills. 

Refrigerator Drip Pan

The drip pan in your refrigerator accumulates moisture and food spills and can eventually allow mold growth. The more moisture that builds up in this pan, the more likely it is for mold to develop. Cleaning the drip pan once or twice a year as part of appliance deep cleaning efforts prevents serious growth and related problems. 

To thoroughly clean your refrigerator drip pan, create a cleaning solution of 1 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide for every cup of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray liberally over the pan. Wipe the pan with a clean, white vinegar-soaked rag to finish your session. You’ll additionally want to wipe the area under the pan to remove any mold spores, as well as dust, dirt, and grime. You can also scrub the pan with dish soap before using your white vinegar cloth. A diluted bleach solution is another option that is particularly helpful if the pan is odorous. 

Washing Machine

If you have a front-loading washing machine, its gasket can stay damp for days on end. This issue occurs when the door is kept shut and the gasket does not get the chance to dry out. A perpetually-damp gasket allows mold to form, especially if it has lint to feast on.

Leave your washing machine door open when it is not in use to keep the gasket dry. If you spot mold growth, run the washing machine on the hottest setting without any clothes. Add chlorine bleach to the soap dispenser to kill the fungi. 
For mold inspection and removal services in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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