Mold can grow anywhere if the environmental factors are right, which includes your Christmas decorations and tree. To help you maintain your beloved ornaments, wreaths, and other pieces, review this mold holiday guide from your Los Angeles mold inspectors

Use a Dehumidifier in Your Storage Area

Perhaps you keep your Christmas decorations in the attic. Maybe the basement or a walk-in closet plays home to your ornaments and other decor during the “off-season.” No matter where you store your holiday decor, the space must be low-moisture. If the humidity rises to 60% or higher, the excess moisture in air allows mold to flourish. Add a dehumidifier to the storage space if necessary to keep the environment relatively dry and your items mold-free. 

Ventilate the Space

If you can ventilate the storage space featuring your holiday items, that is ideal. Mold loves stagnant air but has a challenging time reproducing when fresh air is constantly circulating. You might need to add a fan to your holiday storage area or keep a window cracked, such as the window in your walk-in closet. It also helps to research storage bins and boxes that promote air circulation. Not only will your holiday decor avoid mold growth, they will smell fresher. 

Should you have issues procuring storage bins that allow air to circulate, pack your holiday items with silica gel packets. These packets absorb moisture to stop mold growth. 

Place the Christmas Tree Away From Heating Vents

Since real Christmas trees need watering to remain green throughout the holiday season, they can become moldy, especially if they are placed near heating vents. The combination of heat and damp air allows mold to flourish and trigger allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sinus congestion, and watery eyes. Placing the Christmas tree at least 10 feet away from a heat source and using a dehumidifier helps the tree stay mold-free. You can also invest in an air scrubber to filter the air of dust and mold spores. 

If you need mold removal in Orange County during the holiday season or any other time of year, contact Mold Masters for efficient, thorough services. 

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