Water can enter your garage for several reasons, including a high water table, heavy rain, and assorted roof leaks. Since garages often contain valuable assets, including vehicles, tools, and lawn care equipment, keeping them dry is essential. To help you avoid garage flooding issues, review what your Santa Monica mold removal service suggests.

Keep the Gutters Clean

If the gutters surrounding the garage become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other organic debris, rainwater can back up under roof shingles and cause water damage. Downspouts too close to your home are also problematic, because water can pool around the garage foundation and enter the storage space. Maintaining clean gutters and using downspout extenders prevents these issues to help you maintain a dry, mold-free garage. If your garage is surrounded by trees, think about installing gutter guards. These perforated metal guards prevent large pieces of debris from entering the gutters and causing clogs. 

Check the Floor Drains

Your garage floor drains should be uncovered and clear of debris to avoid flooding from storms and other natural disasters. Check the drains about once a month to ensure there are no leaves, trash, or other pieces of debris interfering with efficient drainage. Make certain your family members know not to cover the drains either, such as with lawn equipment or tools. If your garage currently does not have drains, you might want to have some installed in light of your location. 

Consider Installing a French Drain 

Should your community feature a high water table, seepage in the garage and basement can become a persistent problem. To prevent water damage and mold, consider having a French drain installed near your home. These drains feature trenches lined with stones that lead to large pipes, allowing water to drain into the street or a retaining pond. You can also have your garage foundation walls waterproofed to inhibit groundwater seepage. If any part of your garage floor has sustained cracks, clean them and schedule professional crack-filling services. 

For mold testing and remediation services in Los Angeles and the rest of Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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