If your Los Angeles-area home recently underwent flood cleanup services, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you prevented serious water damage and mold growth. However, there are also several steps to take post-service that ensure a healthy residence. Review what your black mold removal specialists in Los Angeles want you to know. 

Wait For Your Insurance Company to Move Back Into Your House

Since flood damage involves your insurance carrier, you’ll want to wait for the company’s “okay” to move back into your residence. It typically takes about 72 hours for a home to dry out and one to two weeks to repair all damages. Prepare to stay somewhere else for at least two weeks, such as a family member’s house or an AirBnB. If the flooding was natural disaster-related, you’ll need the go-ahead from the local government, in addition to your insurance agency. Waiting ensures your compliance to avoid potential claim problems in the future. 

Take Preventative Steps to Avoid Further Problems

There are numerous preventive measures that help prevent flood damage, or at least mitigate it. For example, you can add a sump pump to your basement if it doesn’t have one to curb basement flooding. This pump activates whenever water enters its surrounding basin, such as from a malfunctioning washing machine, leaking plumbing pipe, or weather-related flood. It ferries the water through an adjoining pipe and away from your home to keep the basement dry. 

Other preventative measures include ensuring your ventilation system is functioning at an optimal level and keeping the gutters clear. You’ll also want to make certain the soil around your home slopes away from your residence to prevent flood damage. 

Schedule a Follow-Up  Appointment 

A follow-up assessment four to six months after water damage restoration services provides additional peace of mind. The technicians can perform indoor air quality and mold testing, and provide related services, such as mold remediation, as necessary. It’s a good idea to schedule these services on an annual basis, even if water damage has not been an issue, to help you maintain a healthy home. 

For mold inspection and water damage restoration services in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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