A well-draining residential property is one of the most important ways to prevent mold growth. It prevents water from pooling and inflicting damage that can potentially destroy various property items in addition to allowing mold to flourish. The following tips from your water damage restoration team in Orange County helps your grounds drain effectively. 

Check the Grading

Inspect the soil around your home, as it should slope away from the structure. If it does not, it allows rainwater to infiltrate the foundation and enter the basement. Water in foundation cracks can undergo freeze/thaw cycles in light of temperature fluctuations that cause premature shifting problems. If the liquid enters your basement, it damages the contents it touches and encourages mold growth in the subterranean space. Since basements are naturally damp, preventing mold growth with proper grading is imperative. Schedule grading services around your home and any other low property points that allow rainwater to collect. 

Clean the Gutters 

Remove leaves, twigs, and other organic debris from your gutters at least twice annually, if not more depending on the number of trees your property features. Without routine cleaning, gutters can cause mold growth in two ways. If rainwater backs up under roof shingles, it encourages wood rot and mold growth on the underlying materials. If rainwater spills over the sides of the gutters, it pools around the base of your home to cause foundation and basement damage. 

Cleaning your gutters lets rainwater flow off of your roof and away from your home instead of causing these problems. You might also want to have leaf guards installed that prevent large debris pieces from accumulating in the drainage system. 

Consider Installing a French Drain

If drainage is a constant problem on your property, you might need a French drain. These drains are trenches in low-lying areas that feature rocks and pebbles leading to a cement tunnel. The tunnel empties into a rainwater basin or the street, which helps keep the property dry and mold-free. Another way to deal with a low-lying area is to plant a water garden full of moisture-loving plants. These gardens help control soil erosion in addition to preventing drainage issues. 

For flood cleanup services in Los Angeles, contact the Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters.

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